How it all began…

I guess the best way to start off our birth story is to start from the beginning. Doug and I found out we were pregnant in March after only trying for a couple of months. I took the test while Doug wasn’t home. When I saw those 2 little lines, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to look at the darn test 3 times and run out to get the test that shows you the word “pregnant” before I convinced myself that it was positive.


Doug wasn’t due to come home for a couple of hours so I hurried and wrapped a book up that I had bought months earlier when I was out. The book “So Now That You’re Going To Be A Dad” was a funny book with lots of little fun quotes and sayings in it. After what seemed like the longest wait of my life, Doug finally arrived home. I had planned to let him get in the door and get settled but as soon as he walked in I yelled out “I got something for you.” Now this isn’t unusual for us, we often get each other small gifts here and there so it didn’t alert him that anything was up. He opened the book and read it. He looked up at me and wasn’t quite sure exactly what it meant. I immediately started crying and yelled out “We’re pregnant!” Doug was shocked, he said several times, “Are you kidding me?” I laughed and showed him the test and we both started crying. He hugged me over and over and he quickly informed me that we needed to celebrate. We “celebrated” by going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Doug had a beer and I joyfully sipped on water. We reflected that night on our life and marriage and how excited we were for this next step. Tears of joy were abundant and little did I know we would be crying tears of sorrow and pain just 9 short months later.


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