A portrait of our son

A couple months back, I commissioned a lady that I was connected to on Facebook to draw a pencil drawing of Dougie. I wanted to surprise Doug. We have plenty of pictures that we took at the time of Dougie’s birth but there is something about these pictures that still induces profound sadness. The pictures tend to take me right back to that day and they often put me back deep into the throes of my grief. I look at them often even though they evoke sadness, because I need to. I need to see him, remember what he looks like, what his tiny little hands were like and be reminded that he is still my son.

I thought a drawing would be nice and possibly something we could display without holding such heaviness in one little frame. I received the drawing today and boy was I right. It is the sweetest and most precious thing I have ever seen. Dana, at Portraits by Dana, did an amazing job at capturing Dougie. It looks just like him! So much so, when I pulled it out of the envelope and had not said one word to Doug, he immediately said, “Hey, That’s Dougie!” We were amazed. We stared at the drawing and saw our sweet boy shining through. It was absolutely perfect.

If anyone were contemplating doing this, I would highly recommend Dana, from Portraits by Dana. She not only captured our sweet son but the essence of what Dougie looked like to us.

I cannot thank her enough for what she has given Doug and I. Our first portrait of our son…and that is priceless.



8 thoughts on “A portrait of our son

  1. Dana drew a portrait of our first son, Owen, nearly 5 years ago.That drawing hangs in our living room, as well as our bedroom, and sits on my desk at work. It allows me, as you said, to remember Owen without the sadness that the photos still bring, even so many years later, but also to share Owen with friends, coworkers, etc. in a way that I otherwise couldn’t have. It reminds people that yes, he was here, he was alive, and I still love and miss him every day. I also lets his little brother connect with him, to see the face of the brother he hears about watching over him. I recommend Dana to everyone I meet on this journey because Owen’s portrait helped me more than I ever could have imagined. I’m very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your portrait of your beautiful little boy. ❤

  2. He is so beautiful! I’m so glad that the portrait has allowed more joy than heartache when looking at his sweet face.
    I’ll definitely check her out, my husband has still yet to see the photos of our son. I’m like you, I still NEED to look at them from time to time to remind myself it was real, he is mine and so that I don’t ever forget what he looks like. When my mind starts to forget every little detail, it scares me so much.
    BIG Hugs!

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