Born to fly

Born to fly – An Infant’s Journey to God by Cindy Claussen

Such Beautiful writing by Cindy Claussen after she gave birth to her stillborn son in 1983.

I just changed the name to relate to DJ. So touching.


A miracle has happened. A life has begun.

“Are you there, God?” 

“Yes, I am here, DJ,” the Lord whispered.

“Where am I?”

“You are in the womb of your mother,” God smiled.

“Oh. What is that sound?” DJ asked.

“It is the voice of your mother, DJ. She is singing to you.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Yes. She loves you very much,” God said.

“I feel warmth on my back,” DJ whispered.

“Yes, she is rubbing her stomach, caressing you the best she can right now. She is speaking to me, DJ. She is asking me to care of you.”

“I will kick her back, so she knows I love her, too,” DJ said excitedly.

God smiled.

“Now what is she saying, God?”

“Your mother is laughing, DJ.”

“She is happy, isn’t she God?”

“Yes, DJ. She is happy.”

“I hear a different sound. What is that?”

“It is the voice of your dad, DJ.”

“He sounds strong,” DJ said.

“Yes,” answered God.

“Does he love me, too?”

“More than his own life,” God whispered.

“When do I get to see him, God?”

“Not for awhile, my son.”

“I’m not feeling so well, God.”

“I know my son, but soon you will fly.”

“I will fly?”

“Yes,” God smiled.

“Will my mother fly with me?”

“Someday,” God said.

“I think I’m ready,” DJ whispered.

“I know, my child.”

“Is it time to fly now, God?”

“Yes,” God said gently, and wiped his eyes.

“When will I see You, God?”

“Very soon, my son.”


“Is that my mother and dad?”

“Yes, DJ,” God said and pulled the child onto His lap.

“Why are they crying?”

“They cry for you, my child,” God answered as He wrapped His arms around the boy.

“Why do they cry for me?” DJ asked.

“Because they want to hold you in their arms, DJ”

“But instead, You hold me in Your arms, huh, God?”

“Yes, son,” God said.

“Why does that make them sad, God? I like it in Your arms!”

“They love you very much, DJ. It can make a mommy’s and daddy’s heart sad when they don’t get to hold their children – I know how it feels to watch my child die.”

“Have I died, God?”

“Just on earth, DJ.”

“I don’t feel dead. I feel very much alive! Watch how fast I can run!” DJ crawled down from God’s lap.

“Yes, DJ, you are fast,” God clapped.

“Now watch me fly!” DJ said as he soared high.

“You are amazing!” God laughed.

DJ settled back in the safety of God’s arms and said, “When will my parents fly, God?”

“Someday, my child.”

“Will we fly together?”

“Yes, DJ, my mark is on their foreheads.”

“Good,” DJ said. “Will you tell them I am safe and happy?”

“I will comfort them, my child.”

“Will they be happy again?”

“Yes, child. They will heal.”

“And someday we will all get to be with You, huh, God?”

“Yes, DJ. Someday,” God promised.

“I love you, God.” DJ said as he snuggled close to God.

“I love you too, son,” God said as he put His hand on DJ’s head.

“Take care of my parents until they fly!” DJ said.

“I promise,” God whispered.


2 thoughts on “Born to fly

  1. Oh Sweetie…this has broken my heart, but made me feel so good at the same time to know that my baby is soaring high in heaven right now! I am so sorry for your loss and hope you feeling healing as I have in writing about my experience. God, take care of DJ’s Momma!

  2. This is beautiful! Tears and snot running down my face kind of beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this. Right after Joshua died and prayed to God every night to hold him and rock him as I would be. This conversation is simply great, thanks for sharing!!!

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